I love my cell phone. If I'm not careful, it never leaves my pocket or bedside table - and that's not a good thing. One of the most interesting new cultural frontiers is the etiquette of technology and how we relate to our tech devices. Sherry Turkle's work has been particularly inspiring in exploring this.

In an effort to make more time for reading fiction, to have a break from feeling held ransom by my inbox, and as an exercise in humility, I've been turning off my laptop and phone for 24 hours every Friday night at dusk. I have created a little ritual - lighting a candle, singing a song - and enter 'tech sabbath' time. It's like taking a vacation every week - truly. 

My hope is that this cultural practice helps us develop choicefulness in how we engage our empowering technology. It's been fantastic to host conversations with others trying this practice, and I hope to explore this further in my work.