America is changing. Millennials are less religiously affiliated than ever before. Churches are just one of many institutional casualties of the internet age in which young people are both more globally connected and more locally isolated than ever before. And yet - against this bleak backdrop, a hopeful landscape is emerging. Millennials are flocking to a host of new organizations that deepen community in ways that are powerful, surprising, and perhaps even religious. After two years of noticing this happen, Angie Thurston and I decided to share our findings in order to start a conversation.

We interviewed and profiled ten such Millennial organizations and shared the story of America's changing religious landscape in this report, How We Gather [download]. Our work was profiled in the New York Times, National Geographic and and has led to a gathering for these community leaders at Harvard in November 2015.

Angie Thurston has been my constant collaborator in this project. She created the spreadsheet that became the report and had the idea of writing it. We were generously supported by the Crestwood Foundation and Harvard Divinity School in the printing and design costs. Design by Kate Sullivan.