Apply: Economic Justice Campaigner Mentoring Programmer

Some of my favourite people are organising a six-month mentoring programme for economic justice campaigners - which, if you are in the UK and this describes your work, you should absolutely apply for. Full details on the programme and how to apply in this pdf. The project

The Finance Innovation Lab and nef (new economics foundation) have joined forces to offer a unique six-month programme designed for ambitious, risingleaders of economic justice campaigns.

We need campaigns that tackle the root causes of the problems we face. Yet it’s rare that we find the time in our work to think through what is needed to bring about lasting change, and to design truly effective campaign strategies.

We find ourselves in the midst of the worst recession since the 1930s, with record youth unemployment, drastic cuts to public services and rising inequality. Climate change seems all but forgotten. It’s clear that our political and economic system is not delivering. Yet the response of civil society so far has beeninsufficient to catalyse meaningful change.

Campaigning for the common good is a programme designed to tackle some of these big questions and to develop solutions to them.

Participants will be drawn from across unions, faith groups, NGOs and grassroots movements. Over five full-day sessions and a weekend residential, starting in January 2013, they will learn from experts and from each other.Participants will develop their knowledge of the failings of our current economic model and political system; understand the shape of a new economics; refineand develop their campaign strategies for systemic change and, importantly,build their own leadership potential.