Bristol Demands Energy Equality

I've just heard about this fantastic project being set up by some pals in Bristol. Check it out, and if you can, chip in to help make it happen!
Demand Energy Equality is a young project that seeks to share with low income communities the skills needed to build DIY solar panels from re-used materials. This enables them access to a technology they are otherwise priced-out of despite subsidising through their electricity bills those who have the necessary capital for installation. In this way the project seeks to redress increasing energy and financial inequality, enable access of lower income households to an independent (and price-hike insulated) source of low carbon energy and encourage lower energy lifestyles.
This summer we are planning to put together a pretty special initiative with Edible Futures (a Bristol based growing project working to create a resilient food system) to build the world's first (we think!) solar tree. The tree will be built using an architect designed frame to mimic a tree's ability to maximise the sun's solar energy over a yearly cycle, with recycled photo-voltaic cell fragments making up the leaves. The power generated will power a rain-fed irrigation system for the Edible Futures garden. The project seeks to involve and inspire local communities in food and energy and practical solutions to the challenges faced in achieving sustainable sources for both.
This is where you come in...we need people to pledge between £10-100 before 5th June in order to reach our required funding total of £5k. If we make it as one of the first five projects in the Energy Share category on to reach our total we will receive match funding up to £10k! Please consider making a pledge, and please forward this round your networks or to anyone who think might want to help. There is much in the pipeline for Demand Energy Equality and getting this off the ground will give us a real boost. Any help you can give will be massively appreciated.