Young People Taking Over Political Parties

The Labour Party has roughly 200,000 members. RSPB has over 1 million members - even Greenpeace has 130,000 members. Often as a campaigner the suggestion is made that we should focus our efforts on getting as many 'greenies' to join the mainstream political parties and push it in a certain direction. Young people in Holland are doing exactly that.

The Netherlands has a multi-party system (remember the Party for the Animals - they're also represented in Parliament). Currently, the country has a centre-right coalition government that relies on Geert Wilders' extreme right party for a majority in Parliament. A youth-led initiative called G500 is getting young people to sign up to the three main parties (VVD - Conservative Liberals, PvdA - Labour, CDA - Christian Democrats) to push for ten policies that will ensure intergenerational justice. The plan includes;

  • Decrease student debt and invest more in education.
  • Rewriting the constitution to ensure intergenerational justice.
  • Carbon emission reduction by 50% by 2030.

One young Dutch woman explains it in this video -


We don't yet know if it is going to work - but its interesting to see it being tried out.