How The Community Can Help Itself

We often talk about 'capacity building' and 'empowerment' in the NGO world without remembering that a necessary part of both these processes is letting go of some of our power at the center. I've written about examples from around the sector that really put those principles into practice - and here's another one" 10:10 have a new 'Pioneers' project that I love. What do they do? Well...

"Advice, insights and inspiration from some of 10:10's most successful carbon-cutters. Each of the 12 hand-picked Pioneers has led an  exceptional 10:10 effort within a business or organisation, and is ready to share the stories and expertise they picked up along the way."

The framing of the entire thing is very strong -

  • positive labelling - these pioneers are now recognised leaders, giving them additional credibility internally
  • the knowledge is in the community (and gained from experience) - no need for external experts
  • diversity of pioneers - private, public and third sectors