Hip Hop Takes On The Riots

If you haven't yet heard Plan B's new release 'Ill Manors' - check it out. Powerful stuff. [youtube http://youtu.be/s8GvLKTsTuI]

Then listen to this interview with 1Xtra - the guy knows what he's talking about and has a plan.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?src_vid=s8GvLKTsTuI&feature=iv&v=t9B0y9oV7Mk&annotation_id=annotation_650341]

"If you don't understand it, especially after hearing me speak about it now..., then maybe you're not as educated as you think. Or maybe you're educated academically, but you need to go out there and get some life experience under your belt. 'Cause I'll tell you one thing, if these kids on the street and on the estates are so stupid, how come they can understand hip hop and the rest of the world can't?"